May 2017 (Higher quality=higher prices)

If you’re a regular here at the Bristolian, you may have noticed that our prices have just gone up. We work hard to make sure our food and our sources are ethical and of the highest standard, and to do this we needed to raise our prices. We really hope y’all can understand that serving proper good food for a pound or so more is worth it for the animals/planet/local business/your belly!

Valentine’s day menu

There will only be one sitting so you won’t feel rushed to leave!

Greeted with a champagne cocktail

First course

Roasted Jerusalem artichokes and fennel with a selection of homemade dips.

Second Course

Slow roasted tomato, garlic and carrot soup served with strawberry and balsamic twist

Third Course

Smoked salmon pate served with hot toast and lemon.

Veggie and dairy free option butterbean pate served with orange and toast.

Fourth course

Homemade lemon and mint sorbet with a shot of vodka.

Fifth Course

Coq au vin made with free range chicken and bacon and served with hot ciabatta and butter

Sixth course

Bristolian mess with mango and peach.

Seventh course

Local cheeses and crackers

£25 per person

Christmas Opening Times

Monday 23rd December – 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 24th December – Closed

Wednesday 25th December – Closed

Thursday 26th December – Closed

Friday 27th December – 8am – 10pm

Saturday 28th December – 8am – 10pm

Sunday 29th December – 8am- 5pm

Monday 30th December – 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 31st December – Closed

Wednesday 1st January 2014 – Closed

Thursday 2nd January – 8am – 10pm